About hardwire

Hardwire, Importer of all types of lifting wire, drilling, crane, tower crane … all types of chains, electric winch, machine and manual, electric crane, manual and pneumatic, crane and gate, book book, magnet, silk rope and PP, fittings – all kinds of hooks, shogel, clips, belts, rings, plate, barrels, rigging, toothbrushes, spindle bolts, sprocket joints, … Tifur, polivity, anchor and anchor chains. Industrial, Mining and construction implements. Be.

The company has more than 15 years of experience in providing services and cooperation with related companies in ports, shipping, petrochemicals, mines and stones, oil and gas industries, automotive, drilling, construction and road construction, elevators and elevators..

All the goods in this trade are among the most reputable factories and brands of the world and are mostly certified with quality.

Some services for this business

– Import of wire ropes, chains, winches and electric cranes, hand-operated and pneumatic, tweezers and pliers, plate, circular weights, various types of joints, hooks, belts, tow bars and chains … Types of ropes and types of hook pulleys, screws Nuts and tools for industrial and mining and construction.
-Production of various locking and locking slings in varying sizes and tanks.
– Design, consulting, construction and implementation of various types of overhead cranes, arm and gate 1 to 20 tons
– Perform all tests of tensile strength and determine the breaking force of wire tow and chain under the supervision of the most prestigious universities in the country.
– Buy repairs and supplies of forklift parts


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