Polift and Tirfor

About Polift and Tirfor in hardwire

Polygraphs and tweezers are devices that work with displacement force with tensile force.
This type of equipment is used with a variety of ropes, belt or chains of different lengths for moving objects in the vertical direction up and down, drawing objects in a particular direction, as well as help for large packaging.
The tweezer was invented by Simon Fowr in World War II, and perhaps at that time, Mr. Fawr did not know that this tool would be used whenever needed to carry objects or loads.
These devices have very wide usage. Construction, bridging, rail and road industries, fire and rescue, electrical and telecommunication industries, shipping and shipbuilding, forestry, and many other industries and industries that deal with heavy equipment use these devices for transmission This equipment is used. Tifure and polyvit can move and move the load up, down, and around with different angles.
Tweezers are available in two types of handwheels and winds, and hooks in two types of wire and chains in the Hardwire Commerce Company.