Leverage jaklewi

Leverage jaklewi

The lever is used to fix the chain and tighten the load.
Crosby – Chinese

Dimensions (mm) Take Up (mm) Handle Length (mm) Weight Each (kg) Ultimate Load (t) Proof Load (kN) Working Load Limit (t) Min-Max Chain Size (mm) St. Pkg. Stock No.(in) Model
12.7 264 264 406 454 562 613 114 406 3.18 8.63 48 2.45 8-10 4 1048128 7-1
16.0 314 313 475 540 654 730 114 475 5.66 15.0 82 4.17 10-13 4 1048146 A-1
18.3 349 372 533 635 765 794 121 533 8.93 20.9 116 5.90 13-16 4 1048164 C-1

Which country is the product?

Answer: Most of the products are from China, Korea, Germany, Ukraine, and all of them are one of the most reputable factories with a quality control certificate.

Does the Hardwire Company take responsibility for shipping products?

Answer: If the customer determines how to send the products and the relevant cargo, all responsibility for the product is for the customer, and if agreed with the bulk to determine how to send and receive the business management agent, all liability and damages Take up

How long does it take to send and deliver the product?

Answer: Due to the fact that the major import of this merchandise is the wire tower, so almost all wire ropes are always in stock of this merchandise so the delivery of goods is made instantly. For all products in all categories is urgent. If some items in the stock of this merchandise are zero, the delivery time is a maximum of one week.

How is the after-sales service?

Answer: The after-sales service of this merchandise varies by product type. For example, in the case of electric and manual cranes, this business offers a one-year warranty and a period of 5 years after-sales service.

The lever is used to fix the chain and tighten the load.
Crosby – Chinese

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