winch types

About Winches in Hardwire

Winches are a structure that works with the mechanism of wire and cable, and they are widely used in the industry. In a variety of cranes, winch is one of the most prolific operators, because the use of the composite spool mechanism can increase mechanical advantage. In hydraulic cranes, the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic motor and the main pulley gearbox or the winch drum provides rotary motion in two directions, and a straight line can be easily connected by attaching a tow bar to the structure. To increase tensile strength, the system uses compound spools. This means that the wire is connected to the hook evenly or more, this action increases the power. In a hydraulic crane, the safety of the winch is very important because the falling or lowering of the load may be very risky. Therefore, winches winches with brakes and automatic clutch systems are secured, sometimes in several stages, this safety is guaranteed, in some cases A mechanical brake is the anti-collapse of the main braking supplement, which activates the braking system with a centrifugal force and causes no load to fall. In most heavy and heavy cranes, two winches are used, one in a single lot in a few. In older cranes, both winch drum drives are coupled to a gearbox and controlled by a valve floor (one lire) and got rid of a single-clutch drum with a hydraulic steering clutch system from the inside of the gearbox. To be In a higher-crane crane, known as the Five Lire, there are single-walled winches and several separate gearboxes for both draws to be managed individually.