Hardwire, Importer of all types of lifting wire, drilling, crane, tower crane … all types of chains, electric winch, machine and manual, electric crane, manual and pneumatic, crane and gate, book book, magnet, silk rope and PP, fittings – all types of hooks, shogel, clips, belts, rings, plate, barrels, rigging, towing bars, towing bars, syringes, chains, and … tifur, polivity, anchor and anchor chains, industrial and mineral and construction implements

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the conditions for the sale of a dealership to the city by Hardway Trading?

    The Hardwire Trading Company has several offices in the cities of Mashhad, Arak, Ahwaz, Andimeshk and Qom. For information on how to provide sales representatives to the Trading Department, please contact us. 02155410034

    How to send products purchased by Hardwire?

    This merchandise is proud to deliver the purchased items to the welfare of the respectable customers in Tehran for the purchase of products with a weight over 2.5 tons for free. Also, to reduce the cost of the customers of the city, the city fares are free to all the shipments

    How is the payment terms of products purchased from Hardwire Trading?

    The Hardwire Trading Company has the slogan “Highest Quality, Lowest Price,” so the way to pay in this trading is cash.

    What are the payment terms for large companies and permanent customers?

    In the case of large corporations and permanent customers, 50% of the total amount is in cash and the remaining 50% is on a 45-day basis..

    Which merchandise products are imported from which ports?

    This merchandise almost has the experience of clearance of all ports and customs throughout the country, but the major products of this merchandise are discharged from Khorramshahr, Bushehr, Bandar Abbas and sometimes Shahriar customs.

    Does Hardwire import and clearance cover other companies?

    Yes, the commercial sector of this complex has the ability to purchase payment for the charge and clearance of all industrial goods

    Does Hardwire Company send these products abroad?

    Overall, the volume of exports of this trade has been much lower than its imports. This trade is proud to ship goods to the neighboring countries, including Iraq (Erbil and Sulaimaniyah), Turkey, Tajikistan and …