Hardwire imports various types of wire ropes including elevator wire ropes, drill line wire ropes, non-rotating wire ropes, guy wires and …; various types of chains; electric, hand and off-road winches; electric, manual and pneumatic hoists; lifting magnet, various types of ropes including polypropylene and hemp ropes; various types of fittings (hook, turnbuckle, clamp, webbing strap, master link, plate clamp, drum lifter, shackle, swivel, connecting link, elevator wedge socket and …); lever and pulling hoists; anchor and anchoring accessories; industrial, mining and construction tools.


With over 15-year experience, Hardwire offers services to the companies and organizations identified with ports, shipping, petrochemical industry, mines and quarries, oil and gas industry, automotive, drilling, constructions, elevators and lifting.

All the goods available in Hardwire are from the most prestigious factories and famous brands in the world and mainly have quality certificates.

Some of our services


  • Importing all kinds of wire ropes, chains, winches, hoists and cranes, pulling and lever hoists, plate clamps, swivels, all kinds of rigging hardware (including shackles, hooks, webbing straps, wire rope clamps, etc.), all kinds of ropes and snatch blocks, bolts and nuts, and Industrial, mining and construction tools
  • Supplying various types of wire rope and chain slings in variable sizes and tonnages
  • Designing, installing and providing advices on overhead, jib and gantry cranes
  • Performing all tensile tests and determining minimum breaking force for wire ropes and chains under the supervision of the most prestigious universities in the country
  • Trading, repairing and supplying parts of different kinds of forklifts

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