Frequently Asked Questions

Main Questions

How to become Hardwire sales representative?

There are Hardwire representative offices in Mashhad, Arak, Ahwaz, Andimeshk and Qom. For information on how to become Hardwire sales representative please call 02155428950.

How does Hardwire deliver the products?

Hardwire delivers the products weighing more than 2.5 tons for free and to reduce the costumers’ cost, the company receives no money for transporting your cargo to shipping locations.

What are the payment terms?

All payments must be made by cash and all at once.

What are the payment terms for large companies and permanent customers?

Large companies and regular customers can pay 50% of the total amount in cash and the remaining  in 45-day credit.

Which customs and ports Hardwire clear the goods through?

Hardwire clears cargo through all ports and customs but mostly through Khorramshahr, Bushehr, Bandar Abbas and shahriar customs.

Does Hardwire do import handling and custom clearance for other companies?

Yes, Hardwire can handle all import processes and custom clearance for other companies and organizations.

Does Hardwire export the products abroad?

Generally, imports are far greater than exports in Hardwire. However, Iraq (Erbil and Sulaymaniyah), Turkey and Tajikistan are Hardwire’s main export markets.

Product related questions

Where is the products' country of origin?

Most of the products are from China, Korea, Germany, Ukraine, and all of them are of the most reputable factories with quality control certificate.

Does Hardwire take the responsibility for shipping products?

If the customer determines how to send the products and cargo, all responsibility is on the customer, but if Hardwire determines how to send and transport the products, it assumes all responsibilities and any damages.

How long does it take to send and deliver products?

Since the main import of Hardwire is wire rope, all types of wire ropes are almost always available in stock and delivery of goods is made instantly.
Delivery for all products in all categories is immediate. If some items are not available, the delivery time will be a maximum of one week.

How is the after-sales service?

Hardwire’s after-sales service varies by product type. For example, for electric and manual cranes, Hardwire offers a one-year warranty and a period of 5 year after-sales service.