• Hemp rope

    Hemp rope has been used for a wide variety of applications for thousands of years. It is planet-friendly and an ideal choice for the people who worry about the environment.

    Hemp is water resistant and more durable than other materials used for ropes.

    Smaller sizes of hemp rope are mostly used in elevator compensation chains. The most important features of hemp rope are its high strength and natural structure.

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  • Nylon Rope

    Nylon rope is stronger than polypropylene rope and has remarkable stretching capabilities. It has a smooth surface and is resistant to abrasion which make it ideal for winches and pulley systems. Nylon rope is resistant to UV light and chemicals.

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  • Polyester Rope

    Polyester rope is a very strong rope with excellent UV and abrasion resistance. It is not stretchy and does not float. Polyester rope has low creep under load, keeps its strength when wet and is insulating to electricity.

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  • Polypropylene Rope

    Polypropylene ropes are popular for their strength, low cost, versatility and color variation. Because of their ability to float on water, resistance to mildew and rot in moisture environments, they are widely used in water sports and marine industries.

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