Role of IT in ensuring the success of the drilling industry

Role of IT in ensuring the success of the drilling industry

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Today, oil is a strategic commodity in the world that, beyond the focus of development, has increased the capacity of the industry, or the creation of new industrial capacities and opportunities, the production of this highly valued hydrocarbons requires the availability of the appropriate engineering equipment and engineering to increase the recycling factor Of oil reservoirs. It is essential to carry out development projects of hydrocarbon reservoirs. One of the important indices of the drilling industry, which has an impact on the cost of drilling operations in a well, is well completion and well testing, which involves the use of new methods and new technologies in conducting them in addition to the Rhine, which leads to a steady supply of reservoirs and the prevention of waste of energy And capital, reduces the access time to well production, and thus leads to better use of its economic benefits. This important factor in the production of common reservoirs is of great importance. If new oil contracts with major international companies are targeted in addition to investing, transferring new technologies and training human resources, we may see a shift in the drilling industry in the coming years, as the efficiency of the drilling industry in our country is much lower than in the United States and even in the region. . Along with these, the existence of integrated and expert management will be able to increase the productivity of the industry. In short, increasing investment, the transfer of new technologies, training of human resources, along with trusting Iranian companies and domestic specialists, are one of the most important requirements of the drilling and oil industry.

Since there are some problems in financing and benefiting from the knowledge of the day, especially in the oil sector, and due to the interest and need of foreign companies and the foreign banking network for work and investment in Iran, the presence of some barriers has prevented the serious presence of large companies and banks in Iran. Gets Referring to OPEC’s recent decision to increase Iran’s oil exports to pre-sanction levels, OPEC’s decision will add more than $ 10 billion in oil revenues next year.

Now, there is a very good opportunity for the Iranian oil industry to make the right decisions and re-design a win-win game for all stakeholders, the arrival of domestic and foreign investors and, most importantly, the arrival of technology and knowledge of the day, which are the most important requirements of the oil industry. Years to come.

Given the new economic situation in the oil sector, which appears at various levels of national and international organization, it is necessary to rethink the strategic use of information technology. From the organizational point of view, there are many criticisms of the activities of the oil industry as well as solutions to improve it, which can make fundamental changes in the structure of the industry. The likelihood of these developments is predictable from many experts. Information technology, as a strategic tool, is an effective tool for organizations that can control such developments.

At the national level, petroleum industries in different countries are constantly moving from different stages of development, which reflects their economic reflection. At the global level, with the internationalization of the oil industry, economic conditions have undergone underground transformation and, therefore, the use of information technology is inevitable. The economic conditions of the oil industry are changing rapidly in the international arena, and this provides a good opportunity for the potential use of information technology. The occurrence of many developments with the use of information technology is predictable. In the business opportunities and new markets that will be created in this way, technology can play an important role in guaranteeing success. On this basis, it seems that the oil industry is ready to enter the era of the use of information technology, which we should also pay attention to.