Steel wire rope Iran

Steel wire rope Iran

Distribution of steel wire rope Iran

Iran is an industrial country with developing construction and excavation sites; therefore steel wire rope in Iran is a roughly vital industrial parts. Oil, Gas and petrochemical industries, Construction and elevator, Dam and power plants and many other industries use steel wire rope in Iran on daily based. Hard wire co is an Iranian importer and distributor of steel wire rope, chain and accessories. All kinds of lifting equipment in different grades and materials are available in our store.

Different structures of steel wire rope in Iran

Based on the mother industry, working condition including the humidity and temperature and of course the working load different structures of steel wire rope are used in Iran. Elevator rope that is widely using 8X19S+FC is one of the common structures. Non-rotating wire ropes that are widely used in tower cranes utilize 19X7 structures more often. Steel wire ropes with 6 strands and fiber core are also used in excavating machineries in Iran conventionally.

Many of the sport facilities use PP covered steel wire ropes for surface protection purposes in Iran. The are many other structures of wire rope that serve lifting and pulling purposes in Iran that come in different tensile and with different brands.

Steel wire rope in Iran

Iran – Steel wire rope

Why should you buy steel wire rope from Iran?

Aside from reputable manufacturers of steel wire rope like Malayer and Behsazan; even imported steel wire ropes can be very quickly delivered to Iranian border countries in the interest of expediency. Therefore, Iranian border countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, … can easily order and be supplied in a short period of time.