Steel wire rope Tehran

Steel wire rope Tehran

Variety of Steel wire rope Tehran

Tehran as the capital of Iran is the leading distribution site of steel wire rope and other lifting accessories. Steel wire rope in Tehran has concentration centers namely Qazvin St and Hasan Abad.  There are also some major dealers and subsidiaries of European manufacturers of steel wire rope in Tehran; distributors for Kiswire, Carl Stahl, Gustav Wolf, Usha-Martin and other major manufactures of steel wire rope.

Available brands and structures of steel wire rope in Tehran

Almost all commonly used structures of steel wire rope are available in Tehran; some are Chinese made, some made in Taiwan and Korea and rarely European made steel wire ropes.  Elevator ropes of 8X19 structures come in different sizes of 8mm, 10mm, 11mm and 12mm and are mostly made in China with fiber core. The best quality of steel wire rope in Iran for elevator is Gustav Wolf productions. Non-rotating wire ropes in Tehran come usually in 19X7 structures and rarely of 35 strands 35X7 structure. However, they come in different size and quality basically made in China.

Steel wire rope TehranSpecifications required to but steel wire rope in Tehran

Steel wire ropes have over 2000 different types and structures considering size and material. Therefore, in order to order and buy steel wire rope in Tehran you should have the following details in hand:

  • Structure (8X19, 19X7, 35X7, 6X36, 6X12, ……)
  • The Coral date (FC, IWRC, Sisal , …)
  • Material (Carbon steel, alloy steel, Stainless steel)
  • Grade and Tensile( G304, G316, 1770, …)
  • Size (Diameter in mm and length in Meter)