Wire rope

About Wire Rope

A wire rope is an assembly of several strands of wire twisted helically in one or more layers around a core. The core can be a fiber core (FC), a wire strand core or an independent wire rope core (IWRC).


Numbers are used to describe wire rope construction. A 6 x 19 wire rope means it has 6 strands and each strand is made of 19 wires. The letters which come after numbers indicate how outside layer is constructed. For example FW (filler wire) means the outer layer is made of same sized strands; or WS (Warrington Seale) means the outer layer is a combination of large and small strands.


Wire ropes are widely used in mining, drilling, oil and gas industry, marine and constructions for lifting loads or transmission of mechanical power. Choosing the proper wire rope for a specific job is based on many factors such as application, required strength and environment.


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